If the whole world descends into fear and violence, the real Big Brother will come.  Think of it as an instant Gestapo. The difference being that Gestapo 2.0 will already have a lot of information on almost everyone.

No matter his resources, the number of smart people working for him, there is still one thing in the realm of information security that he cannot unravel:  Vernam Cipher.  Each of his workers will raise his right hand to a yellowing piece of paper to take an oath to support and defend human rights, but with their left hand they will use the old document like toilet paper–for a price.  The mentality behind that kind of “reasoning” is what Orwell called doublethink.

For the last several years, Patriot COMSEC has been developing tools to transform the internet from being a gigantic collection platform into it being a place where freedom is not quashed.

As Orwell said, the history of civilization is the history of weapons.  The patriot’s musket in the 1770’s is a good example:  it is low-cost, simple to use, and effective. The American Revolution would have been unthinkable without it.

Patriot COMSEC has developed powerful, simple tools to change the game against all malicious actors.  Welcome to our blog.  We hope that you will find it interesting, informative, and entertaining.


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