Ideas: Robots to Collect and Inject

The Battle of the Somme started on 1 July, 1916.  It was one of the most grisly fights in human history, with more than 300,000 deaths in total.

It saw the introduction of the tank, which caused terror.  The world will see the introduction of something new in combat, and that is the robotic soldier, which will also cause terror.

Robots have actually been used for a long time, especially in bomb disposal and surveillance. But a robotic soldier is different.  It is on the horizon, and once it arrives the world is going to be a different place.

Moreover, robots or robotic drones could be used to inject code into vulnerable systems, to include in one’s home, in a business, anywhere.

If you see something that looks like a large metallic spider typing away on your keyboard, sticking its USB claw into your USB port, with its eyes blinking, don’t be surprised.  That day is probably going to come soon for somebody somewhere.  After Mr. Spider takes to the air and goes out your window you might want to check your firmware.


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