REVOLUTION: Maximum Password Lengths

So you want to get an email account with a US-based provider.  Strange, they only let you have a password or passphrase that is so long.  True, if your password is really lazy and weak, they tell you to lengthen it.  But if it is too long–potentially too strong–they tell you to shorten it.  How interesting!  And then Yahoo, for example, asks you for a lot of identifying information.  What is going on?  You are being set up for collection.

Whatever you do, don’t get a US-based email provider.  Yahoo, a security failure, only lets you have a 32 character password.  After you get your account, they are going to collect on you intensely. Microsoft is worse: they limit passwords to 16 characters, which would be funny as a joke, but they are serious.  Why are accounts in America made to be weak by default?  Can you guess?

The way people use passwords today is a big failure awaiting a solution.  Patriot COMSEC has the answer, and it’s revolutionary.

Please stay tuned!


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