OpenVPN Downloads

Make sure to check your download:

GnuPG Public Key

Starting with OpenVPN 1.5.0, all file releases were signed by James Yonan (OpenVPN project founder and maintainer). Later, when OpenVPN 2.3_alpha2 was released, the signer was changed to Samuli Seppänen, the community manager of OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. In addition Debian/RPM packages are signed with yet another key.To verify the file signatures, you need to add the signer’s public key to your trusted PGP/GnuPG keyring:

Note that James Yonan’s PGP/GnuPG public key is also available in the archives for all OpenVPN mailing lists (such as here). Please note that the keys may contain more than one email address. For example Samuli’s GPG key has both and addresses attached to it. Also note that key E158C569 you may find from public keyservers is only used for signing Debian packages.

Signature verification can be performed by PGP or GnuPG once you have the correct key in your trusted keyring:

$ gpg --import keyname.asc
$ gpg -v --verify [.asc file]

Make sure you have the corresponding OpenVPN package in the same directory. GnuPG signature files for OpenVPN file releases are available on the download page.


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