Patriot COMSEC

Encryption offers valuable security for many things in everyday life.  In fact, encryption is vital, but we may not always know how to use it correctly. This site hopes to make strong encryption easy, especially for confidentiality:  it offers free professional advice on how to protect yourself and your communications. We also talk about wider security issues, such as physical security and national security  vis-à-vis information technology.  But  our focus is on helping people keep their communications and other data private.  In today’s interconnected world, that is not an easy task.
We hope to get people jazzed about cryptography.  Cryptography has a fascinating and curious history, and its modern methods are central to our lives. 
Everything on this site is free, and it all comes from publicly available information.  We will help you make informed decisions as to which security products and encryption methods to choose. We will also show you, step-by-step, clearly and from the beginning, how set up and use strong encryption so that it actually works.
Trust and privacy do not have to go out the window in our connected world.  The main ideas that you will find on this site are that all internet-connected devices are fundamentally unsecure and unsecurable; that security is relative and not absolute; that big companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft want to deceive you with weak security, which is dangerous now and could be very dangerous in the future; that you must have a secure device that never touches the internet– is air-gapped–on which to store your private data and encrypt files; and that many simple means exist which will enable you to enjoy a high expectation of privacy, and even anonymity, when getting on the big collection platform and gladiator’s battlefield that we all love, the internet.

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