Encryption Today in the U.S.

Given the facts of terrorism and war, it is rational that citizens should give up their right to absolute privacy in the interests of preventing terrorism and limiting espionage against the country.  But such power does not need to spread across the government.  Using it for other purposes has the potential to eventually turn the U.S. into a terror state.

All collection for national security interests needs to have real oversight by the courts and by Congress. Anything else would be profoundly damaging to the nation.  In point of fact, it would be a blow to the center, into the edifice of America’s laws and strength, something that Osama bin laden would have loved to see.  That terrorism and the fight against it are not clearly understood within the US government is another conversation.

We should aim for a very high assurance of privacy against all malicious actors, but as Americans we should not aim to subvert those who are at least trying to protecting us.


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