Google is Evil

Google = Deception

In 2011 Google settled a lawsuit for $500,000,000 because they were profiting from ads for companies that sell illegal drugs.  Google, and other large companies like them, are not social services organizations.  They also spend a lot of time avoiding taxes.  They take advantage of Byzantine tax rules to make sure that their take stays with them–instead of going to communities across America.  And they love diversity–it is better to hire that programmer from New Delhi because he or she will take a lower salary. America’s best interests and your best interests are at the center of their hearts, really. They would never sell drugs to kids in Mexico either, never.  It is not all about the money; they are honorable.  Their honor compares favorably with all definitions of honor, even those in North Korea.

What can we do?  Now that taking people’s personal information has become normal, which it never should have become, we can only limit their collection and help others to limit it.  Google has a trick for every day of the week, as do the other big IT companies such as Microsoft.

1. Do not by Google products

2. Do not use Android:  use Ubuntu

3. Do not visit Google Play or YouTube

4. Do not use Chrome:  use Fedora                                   

5. Do not use Google’s search engine:   use Duckduckgo

6. Block Google on your desktop, laptop, or netbook

   -block them in your browser by using Firefox with the following add-ons:  Ghostery (to block cookies and identify trackers, bugs, and beacons, etc.), RequestPolicy (to control third-party requests across websites), AdBlock Plus (to block ads by address and block elements; but one must be careful because some Google ads are whitelisted), uBlock Origin (content filtering and ad blocking), NoScript (it controls executable content, etc.).

7.  If Google is linked to your current device, wipe it.


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