Reuters and Google: Deceptive Business Practices Now Normalized

Not so long ago, we had real news.  People could choose between ABC, CBS, and NBC, for their televised news.  Fast forward to 2017:  news gets mixed with advertising, which gets mixed with fake social media that advises you to buy an anti-virus that implies you will have a safe phone forever–cost you $30.  What a joke.

And you need to go to Google Play to download it, which means you need a phone registered to them. Like the NSA wanting to do some monitoring, Google now owns your phone.

Android phones are inherently unsecure because the apps can come from here, there, and everywhere.  It is a security nightmare, and they know it.  Do you think they care?  But they do care about your data. They want your information because they can  sell it.  So we get the deception, the cloying tug to get you to become one of the herd, the fake social media posts which are actually advertising. It is vulgar, and it plays to people who are uninformed and who need a hug.

Reuters colludes in this.  If it were not profitable, it would not be done.  Instead, people should make informed decisions that do not follow the endemic deception and nampby-pamby herd mentality of large companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.  The distinction between news and advertising needs to be obvious, as it used to be.


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