Let’s Un-Schmendrick the Password Nightmare

At this moment, people all over the world are pecking a password into a computer.  It is often some weak password that can be broken in less than a second. A truly random password of eight characters drawn from a pool of sixty-eight characters can be broken by one good desktop computer in less than three days.  What people are doing today is not working.

If we have 93 possible symbols and our password is 36 symbols long, then we have this many possibilities if the symbols are in random order:

9336 = 7.334764054 E+70



How can we give that number some kind of meaning that we can relate to?

How many sandwiches is that?  If Franz Kafka were hungry and every atom in his body could eat 10 billion sandwiches in one second, and he could clone himself 10 billion times, to reach the number of sandwiches above, he and his clones would have to eat for about 230,000 times longer than the universe has been here.  At least, for a while, he would have to give up his obsession with what space burial is about.

The chances of this password breaking to a brute force attack are astronomically low.

Patriot COMSEC has the answer to the password problem.  How can we have people make and use effective passwords?  Please stay tuned.  When our patent comes through, you too might want to use our innovative solution.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Un-Schmendrick the Password Nightmare

  1. Some times…The only way to find out who is worth trusting…Is to tell them the complete…Fully disclosed truth . More than half won’t believe you anyway.. and as long as you “don’t trust them” (not necessarily DO NOT trust)…And know you’re humanity can make you fallible.. some faults become strengths and their strengths.. their faults….. ” They ” are on the offense…You just reactively responding to their “attacks” so to speak. . able to progress with life while only just being aware of your surroundings. May move a little slower…But with practice ..Speed does increase as well…Inertia. better than inertia in a head on collision or dive as in the Dove dive into the MLB pitch years ago… I never had that appreciation…Being the ball… Or if I did, I was a robot ..Never saw or felt it coming, the impact only hesitated the arrival on home plate…Didn’t notice if I got swung at, a base or home run … I normally pitched and batted…. Fairly well. Like bowling…It wasn’t fun until I laughed at how seriously I took the sports. As most people still do now.


    • Thank you for your thoughtful, sensitive comments. You raise some very important issues: trust in information security, and how we should think of security in its wider context, the moral effect of thinking about security.


  2. I should have said that the chances of this password being broken with the technology that we are currently aware of… is astronomically low.

    But if you read the news, you see that advances are being made as we speak. For example, China just invented a quantum transport method for signals. It denies access to prying eyes.

    It is probably anybody’s guess as to whether AES256, etc. survive long. Who knows?


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