We Like Linux, But…

Linux is nice for an air-gapped system.  Linux is nice for a system connected to the internet.

But let’s not start thinking that we can actually secure an internet-connected Linux-based operating system.  It is just not going to happen–that is, absolute security is not possible.

That said, we can play the losing game a little and give our internet-connected OS some attention.  It is like you own a house.  You can protect it from rats.  But don’t think you can protect it from STASI 4.0 or a pimply-faced genius in Novosibirsk.

What you can protect is a device that never touches the internet.

If you think all Linux-based operating systems are utterly or even mostly secure because they are Linux-based, that is mistaken.  Linux-based systems might be more secure overall, compared to Windows, but they can still be attacked and subverted.

As soon as your Linux-based system touches the internet, it is no longer safe.  This is the unpleasant truth of the matter.  However, knowing the truth is a good starting point for setting up a system that offers real benefit (near-absolute security).



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