The U.S. Senate has Decided to Use Signal

The U.S. Senate has decided to protect its personal communications:  who says they cannot get anything done!  It means the someone in the Senate is aware of what is going on with collection. After all this time since Snowden spilled the beans, someone with a pulse and a living brain cell has decided to encrypt. Too bad they could not have done that for the Office of Personnel Management before the Chinese robbed the cookie jar, with glee and amused contempt.

No one likes being spied upon, and at this very moment one can bet that collection devices belonging to several countries are filling up with data from Senate devices. That task just got harder.

But don’t think for one moment that Signal actually works once it is used. The math is probably good, but the employment is surely prone to defeat. The idea of Signal is solid and convincing, its math is like the Titanic, but…

There are some good jokes hanging in the air. Remember how the CIA was spying on Diane Feinstein? Diane Feinstein, a lady who was very willing to allow spying on anyone and everyone in the U.S. –except herself. Now it will be harder for the the deep state to spy on the Senate, and we should all applaud that. We are moving towards a bright future, as President Obama used to say, with a straight face, “Moving forward…” (which is, by definition, not backward).


This was a response on Bruce Schneier’s thought-provoking and informative blog:


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