End-to-end Encryption is a Threat to Democracy?

A new campaign in the crypto wars is now afoot.  Today, if you have read the international news, you know that Great Britain, Russia, and China have all made some kind of announcement about the dangers of VPNs and end-to-end encryption.  Your privacy has now been put on notice.

The British Foreign minister says that no one needs strong encryption.  She insists that it only benefits bad people such as terrorists.  Bullocks.

Well, if Great Britain had the guts to expel Jihadists, and if it were not so namby-pamby, cotton candy as to actually finance people living in their country who hate Great Britain and its values, that would go a long way towards making their country safer.

Take the Manchester bomber for example:  the British government facilitated a terror attack on British soil.  Talk about astonishing!  It challenges belief.  So you hate Great Britain, have dropped out of college, and you want to go to Libya for some Jihadist training?  Need some money?  Here you go! We simply can’t wait for you to come back!

As far as Air Strip One goes (Orwell’s name for Great Britain in 1984), INGSOC is not yet running the show. Some buffoons are in charge, yes, and they should not be allowed to make slaves out of the whole population.

Free people deserve the right to use encryption and have privacy.  The government in Great Britain has failed miserably in allowing jihadists to live and thrive in their country, and they have ignored many hate-filled rants from people who later killed others on British soil.  What is therefore the reasonable conclusion to this appalling situation being allowed to exist and fester?  The only reasonable conclusion is that their government simply does not care. Equality at all costs.

The Brits need to first expel the nutcases who have openly spoken against their country and the West.  That would be a good start.

Encryption is valuable.  Many end-to-end encryption services are available right now.  Tutanota and Protonmail come to mind:  http://www.protonmail.com and http://www.tutanota.com

But there is an enormous fallacy about E2E systems.  Yes, Protonmail is very nice, but I would not bet my life on it.  First, of course, it does nothing for your anonymity.  You still leave a trail of metadata (metacontent).  But, for the average user, Protonmail or Tutanota will serve you well because it does give you a high expectation of privacy.  Just remember one thing:  these email systems do not supply absolute privacy because the end points (the iPhone, computer, smartphone, etc., are not securable).

The only way to get near-absolute security (NAS) is to encrypt offline on an air-gapped computer that is never compromised (no movement of USBs or discs, etc., from anything that has touched the internet).  Then use you Protonmai, Hushmail, Tutanota, etc., as a wrapper.

Anyone on the earth can take a pencil, a piece of paper, and two dice, and make a code that no one else on earth can break.  This is what should give human beings hope against any future INGSOC and its cronies.  Unweakened PGP probably still works with large key sizes and proper variables, etc. Wrapping different kinds of PGP inside other kinds, and using symmetric systems and asymmetric systems together, is highly recommended for someone who wants real privacy:  a lawyer, a business negotiator, a clergyman, someone in law enforcement, someone running for office, etc. The amazing truth is that national-level players and sophisticated criminals can be stopped with simple, cheap encryption and true air-gapping.  Real defense works, and it is cheap.

Those of us who still live in free societies must stand up for our rights as patriots and law-abiding citizens.  Just because governments fail appallingly on the issues of controlling classified information (the OPM disaster, Snowden, Shadow Brokers, etc.) and controlling immigration (Germany in particular, Belgistan, etc.), does not mean that we must accept the numbskulls of INGSOC and the enablers of the West’s decline who want to take away the God-given freedoms of decent people.

People like Amber Rudd need to be run out of town because they are doing nothing effective against the real problems of (1) creating terrorists, (2) facilitating terror, and (3) not controlling immigration.


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