How to Delete Facebook: to Not Have and to Not Hold and Forever Do Us Part

So, you finally got tired of bambi-eyed Zuckerberg and his hyper-aggressive machine of lies and tricks whose one goal of existence is to grab your data?  Good for you.

1.  Get rid of what devices you can and wipe the ones you cannot.

2.  Delete your Facebook account–after you stick some fake information on there. Facebook does not make it easy and fast to delete your account.  They would prefer that you deactivate it.  It is not obvious at all how to delete your account.  You actually have to go through several menus such as “learn more” and one in which you request to be deleted.  They give you 14 days to decide if you really want to go.  Aw, shucks…  they love you.  Well, not really.  They love selling you as if you were a product.  Bambi/Zuckerberg is not the most honest guy on the planet, and saying adios to his deception feels good.

3.  Start with a new or wiped desktop/tower computer/laptop/notebook.  This device is going to be the one you connect to the internet.  Wipe it again.  Download the latest version of Fedora or TAILS.  Fedora is very intuitive, and you can put it on your hard drive.  Or you could start using TAILS as a live USB and leave the hard drive empty.  The point here is to use a linux-based OS that does not collect on you or otherwise link to a big company.  Puppy Slacko is also a very good option.  What is not a good option is anything with Microsoft or Google written on it.

4.  This computer is not going to be used for any social media whatsoever, except perhaps Keybase.

5.  Verify your Fedora download.  Put it on your HHD.  Purchase ProtonVPN and a Protonmail account for your email.  Their servers in Switzerland are recommended.  Use Mozilla as your browser, with the following add-ons:  TrackMeNot, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, and User-Agent Switcher.  All of these are fun to play.  You can also use NoScript, which is actually a very good idea, but it does require some attention.  It will give you a very clear picture of how web pages are tracked, and how you can stop it.

Most importantly, you want to use the add-on for Mozilla called “Multi-account Containers”–this is easy to use, and it effectively stops tracking from website to website.

6.  In Fedora, under software, you can download and use BleachBit, to delete cookies, empty the Firefox Cache, and clean up disc space.

7.  That’s it.  From then on, avoid Facebook, avoid liking stuff on other websites, use the containers, use your VPN, and you just got your privacy back.  Spend some time to learn the details of using NoScript, a powerful tool for your browser. Again, use the containers, and make it a habit.  Congratulations!


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