Our Company

We enable trust.

We are just starting up!  Based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand, the CEO is Mr. Wattana.  The staff is comprised of Thai, Chinese, and Western experts in networking and electronic surveillance.  We specialize in defensive systems that are extremely difficult to subvert:  for messaging and VHF digital radio.  We have also made ground-breaking innovations in internet security which will come out as security products in August of 2017.

In the coming months we will seek investors as we hope to finalize US patents.  We have developed revolutionary implementations of cryptography so that the end-user can be confident, even assured, about his or her privacy. Privacy is our focus.  We use the acronym “RGP”: real good protection. We have also devised steganographic methods which have never been seen before.

We are going to change how people use the internet.  The internet can go from a wide-open collection platform to a haystack full of hay-like needles–in one day–and illegal en masse collection will have become pointless.

Our products are designed for law-abiding people who demand to communicate privately.  We reserve the right to deny business to anyone.

Our sales office is scheduled to open in late August of 2017.

Sales Rep:  Suphansa Wattana     interloper@tutanota.de     We recommend Tutanota.

The Sales Rep's PGP email will be posted in July of this year:
Fingerprint= DFA7 72FB 3E45 9F9F 0208  CE2A 192F FAE4 54FA D41E